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Hit the catch! “Zukerker” Former star shot Turkey escape asylum career driving

Convert into urgent news to the whole world for ha-Khan. Sukeran The pre-shot of the Turkish national group At life Rahoenrahok need to FASTBET98 refuge the political homework in the United States. In the event of an association with the formation of a government reform. Sister Sleep OE

In the past, the 48-year-old, the Stris to create a new life behind, has escaped to the land of freedom, as it could not be a life in the House of origin. Behind the chase from the OE’s government, which reached the FASTBET98 size of the design of his arrest since the year 2016, because the Lord provided the help of the revolution taken by Lalo. I lane, but that failed.

By now Hamkhan Sukeran It is necessary to act as a chauffeur-drive operator, and then sell the book because the asset for the past Lamkhaeng is the right way to seize the asset.

“This time I need to drive a cyber car as well as sell books along. This time I started my job. Those about me need to come across a เว็บพนันออนไลน์ problem. I did nothing left. I had money in Turkey for tens of millions of US dollars, even though it was thangphong.

“They took all things away from me, both in my own, my own rights, my wife’s diamond shop, and I was closed, my son was threatened to kill, and then my father was caught central, I had to move to the United States.”

For Ha Khan Sukeran The famous Lamkhaeng in the origins of the home before the reign of the 8 league champions, also ever moved foreign Lamkhaeng trade with the Riino, inter-Milan, Khwangma as well as the spread Blackburn. The universe, between the titklum of the national group name, is up to 112 appointments. Shoot to 51 goals as well as create history, take their national team to grab the 3rd floor in the World Cup 2002

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